i am a christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, a sinner saved by grace alone. my name is kaya basharan and this is my personal web-site. i'm married to a wonderful woman and we have three unique children. we live together in south germany. you can read more about the gospel i believe here.

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currently i work as a junior programmer for axsos ag in stuttgart, specializing in html and css. i also know typo3 and have created and implemented a number of typo3 web-sites, listed below. i recognise that html and css are not actually programming languages, which means i'm not really a programmer; i'm a mark-up-er or an organiser... okay, fair enough, i can live with that. i guess that is my strong point, which is actually what this web-site is all about - my own little collection of organised bits and pieces for reference. half reference, half portfolio. mostly tutorials, articles, html, css, web-page templates, christian resources, music, web design, typo3, album cover artwork, nestle boycott information and help, vegetarian recipes and various other bookmarks and references. my own . iíll make you one if you ask nicely. kaya basharan


i am a programmer and the following sites were implemented in part or whole by myself.


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